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Dr. Taqi Qatu

Specialty : Ob/Gyn Consultant

Dr. Rasha Bilal

Specialty : Rheumatology

Dr. Oussama Bekdache

Specialty : Orthopedic Consultant

Dr. Omar Shorbagi

Specialty : Dental

Dr. Nagwa habiba

Specialty : Pediatrician

Dr. Mohannad Hamarsheh

Specialty : Ob/Gyn Consultant

Dr. Mohamad Attia

Specialty : Cardiology Specialist

Dr. Medhat Hagras

Specialty : Internal Medicine Consultant

Dr. Maged Wanis

Specialty : Dermatology And Venereal Specialist

Dr. Magdy Dwider

Specialty : Internal Medicine Specialist

Dr. Houssam Hamdan

Specialty : orthopedic surgery consultant

Dr. Emad El-hariry

Specialty : Internal Medicine

Dr. Ehab Abdelwahab

Specialty : General Surgery

Dr. Ayman Shoman

Specialty :Senior Specialist Radiologist

Dr. Ali Antar

Specialty : General Surgery Consultant

Dr. Ahmed Taha

Specialty :General Surgery

Dr. Ahmed Abdullah

Specialty : Urology And Andrology Specialist

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